Friday, September 26, 2014

Do not step in the wet epoxy

then walk in the house and across the kitchen floor. Don't ask me how I know!  :-(

Today I started filling the kerfs in the bottom panel on the starboard side. These needed to be filled before any fiberglassing takes place.
I know it looks a little messy but no one will ever see this once I'm finished. I used up leftover epoxy glue etc. when I was working on the outside of the hull to fill some of the kerfs. It took about two 1 qt batches of epoxy & wood flour to fill them all. I add a little cabosil to keep the epoxy from slumping or running out of the kerfs.
Once I had the kerfs filled I started to fillet the joint between the side panels and the bottom panels. The fillets will make a nice smooth transition for the fiberglass to conform to as it's laid over the inside of the hull.
The fillet is just epoxy, wood flour and cabosil. It can be a bugger to work with and you have to be quick. It was about 80 degs inside the boat this morning and I could feel the epoxy kicking off in my hand. The trick is to get a nice smooth fillet without having to go back over it and rework it which just makes a mess.
So as the title of today's blog alluded to, don't step in the wet epoxy then walk in the house. Doh!
Here's my 'onboard' work bench I cobbled together yesterday. It'll slide back and forth as required. Sure makes it a lot easier to be able to mix up goop inside the boat instead of having to climb up and out and back up and in all the time. Not that I couldn't use the exercise mind you.

I made a little 'walk around' the boat video to give you an idea of what we've been thinking we'd like the boat to end up like. I know it's a little premature at this point but you might get a feel for our thinking on some of the ideas we've had (mostly stolen ideas).

Enjoy the tour. Thanks for looking in.


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