Monday, September 1, 2014

Carnage in the Boat Shed

Oh don't worry. I didn't hurt the boat.  :-)   Just wanted to get your attention.

Before I got started this morning I put together a 5 min video of the current state of the boat. It's been awhile since I've had a chance to do any videos so here's one for ya. At least it's not a sanding video!  :-)

This mornings task was to finish disassembly of the strongback frame and lower the boat to the ground. There was cuttin', and jackin' and hammerin' and swearin' and some bleedin' going on . You can see the carnage all around the boat!  :-)
More carnage!
I was just tossin' stuff out from under the boat like a mad man!
As you can see here the rolling frame is sitting on the OSB that I'll use to keep the frames from digging into the dirt floor. I've got about 1000 screws that I took out of the forms that I'll screw through the OSB into the ground like cleats. That should keep the OSB from sliding around.
I apologize for the terrible picture, the bow just kissing the ground!
Better shot of the bow from the inside.

Again the frame sitting on the OSB.
It took me about 4 hours to finish removing the strongback frame and lower the boat. I really wasn't working that hard at it. Had to stop and ponder a few times. :-)  The hull feels very secure in the turning frames. As I was jacking & lowering it there were no creaks or moans or groans at all.

I've got a very short list of some last minute details to deal with then it'll be ready to flip. Tomorrow I'll likely start to sink the ground anchors in my neighbors back yard (I bought another one yesterday just to be safe).