Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The No Blog Entry Today Blog Entry

Yet another day when I wasn't going to do a blog entry but I did anyways. :-)  Finished up around 13:00 after finishing the sanding & vacuuming inside the hull. Tomorrow morning I'll build myself a work bench for 'INSIDE' the boat. That'll save a few trips up and down the step ladder.

So as long as the weather cooperates I'll start filling the kerfs in the bottom panel on the stbd side forward and maybe move onto some fillets along the joints. There's some small areas that need some filler and tape on the seams.
When I was putting the boat together and had some leftover goop I'd try to get it on the kerfs before it kicked off. Sometimes I was successful, sometimes I wasn't. I've chipped away all the loose stuff and vacuumed out the kerfs so they're ready for more goop. It'll be nice having gravity on my side this time.

For the boys on the Woodenboat Forums. The LPBC cap got a workout today!
Oh, and in case you missed it here's yesterday's Sandinsanity video!