Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's ready to go over!

That's it. Boat is rigged ready to be flipped. All I need now is to put together a crew for Saturday. I drove the ground stakes into my neighbors backyard this morning and rigged up the straps that'll hold the Gin Pole back. Worked like a charm!
The anchor on the right hit rock about 2' down. I would have liked to get it a bit further down but it just wouldn't go.
Above is where the strap exits the shed.
The Gin Pole with the full weight of the boat on it. It never flexed a bit. I couldn't resist the urge and lifted the boat.
I let it hang there on the winch for about 5 mins. The winch held it up quite nicely. No moans or groans or sqeaks or cracks. :-)

So other than some housekeeping duties and recruitment for Saturday this will likely be the last post till the boat is flipped over. I do intend to get it on video.