Friday, May 22, 2015

Boat Shed Crime Scene

Headline! Security cameras catch moment of Boat Builders death.

Seen here on security camera knocked unconscious is our intrepid boat builder. Forces unknown (but likely the air hose) have apparently knocked him out.

This next frame shows him regaining consciousness and fighting for his life against the evil air hose! It looks to have been a tremendous battle.

Four days later, when he didn't come in for lunch the Admiral entered the Big Blue Boat Shed and found our trusty boat builders body bloated & stinking to high heaven!  :-(

Authorities are awaiting the coroner's report on actual cause of death. From these pictures you can likely tell it was a possessed air hose that did the dirty deed! All indications are the sander had no involvement in the crime.

Note: This is a work of fiction. No air hoses were harmed or convicted of any crime in the making of this blog entry.

PS: It is highly recommended that the boat builder lay off the cheezeburgers and stick to the salads instead.