Sunday, May 17, 2015

New member of the family

I've been eyeballin' this thing for awhile. Guy across the street is moving and has had this in his yard sale for 3 weeks now. Finally get up the nerve to go have a close look.
Came with the work stand and at $100 (abt. half of retail) I thought it was a bargain. Don't really need it now but will eventually.

I tried to get some more seams taped this morning before the heat drove me out of the shed.
Thought I'd try something easy, yeah right. Working in the bow really sucks. No traction and gravity pulling me into the bilge! ;-)  I managed to get about 15' of 6" tape on the side/bottom seam. Plan was to put a layer of the 10" tape over top right away but it got too hot.
The epoxy was kicking off in the bucket before I could get it all rolled out. I'd like to use a paint tray to help keep the epoxy cooler but there's nowhere flat to lay it down. Anyhow, it'll just mean some quick sanding before the next layer goes on.

I'd like to get all the seams taped by the end of this week including the box keel (which will be a challenge) then lay out the big fabrics for the sides and bottom.


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