Thursday, May 28, 2015

Today's Mission

was to tape the remaining seams in the stern of the boat.
6" biax tape over remaining seams
I approached it a little differently this time. I laid down a bead of epoxy glue over the old fillets. Next I laid in the tape. Once that was done I went over the seams with the billiard ball which created a nice smooth fillet. This was allowed to stand for awhile to stiffen up.

After a good soaking in epoxy the seams were finished.
Taped and wetted out seams
The small section in the center of the picture above is my last piece of Saertex (biaxial carbon fiber). I put it there to reinforce the area where the rudder post will exit the hull. The white material on top is peel ply. I didn't have enough gumption in me this morning to peel ply all the seams. They'll get a light sanding day after tomorrow then I'll recover all the seams with 10" 17 oz tape. That'll be the last of the easy stuff.

The box keel is the next step after that. Standby...