Thursday, May 14, 2015

Major case of Lazy Ass

I don't quite know how to explain it but I've got a considerable case of 'Lazy Ass' and almost total disinterest in working on the boat. I think some of it is memory of last years sanding marathon that left me hurting. I know working on the inside of the boat is a big job but nowhere near as complicated as the outside. You don't much have to worry about looks on the inside. Most of it will be covered and no one will see it. Still I've got 'nuff of a perfectionist in me to want to make it near perfect.

Anywho, I dragged my ass out to the shed this morning. The plan was to tape the stem that I sanded yesterday.

All sanded. Getting in and around the thruster tube was a PITA but the little detail sander takes a lot of the pain out of the process. You have to go carefully or it'll spit off the belt.

I wanted to put down a fresh layer of goop over the stuff I jammed in there last fall. The fresh goop will hold the tape in place till I can get it epoxied.
Using the 'piping bag' technique it's easy to lay down a consistent bead of goop prior to radiusing it out with the ole' billiard ball tool mentioned earlier.

Here you can see the billiard ball doing it's thing. It gave a nice even radius to the fillet.
Once the glue was laid down I put the tape on. Just a wipe cleaned up the billiard ball and I then used it to lay the tape into the stem.
Billiard ball does a nice job of laying the tape into the radius fillet.

The bow is a bitch of a place to work in. The slope of the bottom panels make it near impossible to stand there for any length of time. I kept sliding back down into the keel! Luckily I had the thruster tube to stand on for a portion of the job. It also got a few layers of tape to keep it in place.
This will end up getting sanded and at least one more layer of tape before we move onto the side/bottom seams. I made a horrible mess.
You can see my little 'third hand' basket I made the other day. It's super handy for having a place to put tools & epoxy pail while trying to hold onto the boat with one hand and roll out epoxy with the other!

That's it for today. I'll be back at it again tomorrow.


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