Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ordinary Day

Nothing out of the ordinary to report. Just some taping & sanding.
This area below had cracked when the forward panels were developed into the bow. The kerfs that were cut into the panel to relieve some of the stress on the panel were cut on the wrong side. I addressed the hump it caused on the outside and added a couple extra layers of tape on the inside.
This area will get three layers of glass over top of that so I'm sure it'll be plenty strong enough.

Rest of the time I've been puttering away at fillets & tapes.
Port Side

Starboard Side
I'll be moving into the stern tomorrow to fix some fillets and get it ready so I can tape the entire stern section in one session. It should be a little easier to do it back there were it's 'almost' flat! ;-) 


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