Friday, May 29, 2015

If you can't stand the heat

get out of the kitchen! That's exactly what happened today. I started out around my normal 9'ish and it was a comfy 70 F in the shed. Laid out the 10" tape on the seams.
Tape laid out on seams to be epoxied.
And all the way up to the bow including the stem.
Stem taped & ready for epoxy.
I knew this would be pretty ambitious for me, stamina's just not like it was but I gave it my best shot.
Aft end taped & epoxied.
And I was going full throttle and when I looked at the clock it was well after lunch (12:58). Noticed it was really warming up in the shed. Checked the thermometer and it was hovering around the 80 F mark.
Ooops! No sense over spilled epoxy!
By about 14:00 it was well above 90 F in the boat. I had fans going and it was still stifling hot. I could feel the epoxy kicking off in the Dixie Cup and the hot dog roller getting hard. I was feeling the heat a lil' bit too. Went to shift position and knocked over about 6 oz of epoxy. Doh! So called it quits for the day.
So close but yet so far.
I'll have to split the tape and overlap it on the sections already epoxied. Not an ideal situation when you're trying to keep the tape continuous but I really had no choice at this point. It shouldn't affect the structure at all, just another PITA.


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