Wednesday, May 6, 2015

There is no excuse

If 'LazyAssedNess' were a medical condition then I guess I could use that as an excuse to be absent from the boat shed but it isn't and therefore I have no excuse.  :-(

Yesterday and today was cleanup day in the shed & boat hull. I couldn't find anything on my work bench so that was task #1 and cleaning up the dead soldiers from last fall's 'Sandinsanity with Peter' was Task #2.

Task #1 - Clean this mess up.

Task #2 - Clean up the boat hull

Let's all take a moment, bow our heads and remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the name of boat building.  :-)

Above is the refuse I pulled from the box keel this morning. Peter has got  be one of the most prodigious consumers of 'Sanding Discs' on the planet! :-)  Note: There is one bottle cap missing from the above picture.

The year old epoxy in the Sticky Stuff dispenser has gone cloudy on me. The fix is to warm it up till the cloudiness goes away. I'll be filleting the hull side to bulkhead join and taping some more joints soon.