Friday, June 5, 2015

Lil' bit frustrating

Apologize for not being around much. Family obligations, chores etc. kinda getting in the way. Only managed to stick my head in the boat for two days this week and only a couple of hours each day.

The box keel on this boat is pretty deep at the back, abt. 32" or so. It's a stretch to get down in there to make some nice fillets & tape the seams. Sorry, no pics. Not my best work by any stretch of the imagination. Just let me say it'll take a bit o' work with the ole air sander to fix that mess up.

So today I continued along the box keel making nice fillets & laying on the tape (2 layers, 1 x 9 oz x 6" wide and 1 x 17 oz x 10" wide.). It's warming up in the shed I can feel it. About 70 degs when I started. Half way through the second layer of tape the epoxy starts to kick off in the bucket. Once it starts to kick it won't soak into the fabric. Well that just sucks. Only thing I could do was cut the tape off (and throw 10' of it in the trash). I'll go back tomorrow and sand it all down and start up where I left off.

Anybody want some cats? Went to grab a rag from the rag bag. Hmmm? They're all damp. Sniff! Sniff! KAT PISS! Some lil' f*cker is gonna die! Grrrrr! So WTF do I do with 10 lbs of Kat Piss soaked rags eh?

And, on top of all that I think I pulled a tit muscle while flopping around the bottom of the boat like a grounded flounder. *sigh*

I hate my life!  *Sigh*