Friday, June 19, 2015

Always details

Today was another half day spent on the arse end of various sanders. Something a lil' different though. Some detail sanding around the depth sounder hole & bow thruster tube. Did this so the fabric that'll get laid on the bottom will make a smoother transition with no bridging (I hope).
Sanded out a smooth transition from plywood to glass
The thruster tube is a bit trickier and requires some contortions to get into the right position to sand.
Thruster tube. Many layers of tape converge here.
Pictures don't show the slope very well but I start propped up on the side and gravity inevitably draws me down into the keel! :-)  I use hand sanding with a piece of the sandpaper for the Flexi-Cats backed up on a green Scotch Bright pad. It works really well at getting into the tight spots. You'll need good leather gloves though!

I've got about half the box keel sanded and half the tape joints done. Likely another couple days of sanding then I'll start laying out the big sheets of fabric for the box keel. Gotta do an inventory of fiberglass first to make sure I have enough.

That's all for today. Have to wash the car for cruise in night tonight. Between Lori's wacky work schedule and the weather we've only been able to make it twice so far this year.

Random pic of the Project Manager sunning himself on the back porch!
Solar Powered Cat!

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