Sunday, June 14, 2015

Think I pulled a beer muscle

The ole' beer muscle (keg not a six pack) or aka 'abs' got a wee bit over strained the other day. I was rolling around in epoxy glue in the bottom of the boat when I felt the intense pang of a pulling beer muscle. Oh no. Not now! I really really don't need this right now. I finished up the best I could and hobbled out of the boat shed. *sigh*

Two days rest of the ole' panza and I was back at it again. This time taping the top of the keel sides to the bottom panels. I went at both sides at the same time which is a bit of a mistake. I ended up having to straddle the box keel almost the whole time.

Today I was back out there sanding down the tape edges and getting another layer of tape on the seams. I decided to do one side at a time so I can sit my fat arse on the other. Takes a bit longer but much easier on the arms & back.
Stbd side foreward, taped & peel ply.
I think it worked out much better setting a reasonable goal of getting just one side taped. I wasn't as rushed and didn't waste a lot of epoxy. I just worked steady at it. This time I rolled on a pre-coat of slightly thickened epoxy (baby poop) made with just some wood flour & cabosil. Rolled this on and laid the tape on top of that. The tape starts to take up some of the epoxy making it easier to wet out.
Stbd side looking aft.
Some of the best seams I've taped so far. Tomorrow I'll be back out there to tape the port side exactly the same as I did the starboard side.