Sunday, June 7, 2015

Out with the old

In with the new. It was time.
Just plain worn out after 4 years of boat building. My toes were sticking out through the ends and the bottoms were so clogged with epoxy & shit that it was like roller skates inside the boat!
Now if these last half as long I'll be happy and the boat should be near finished! To whit, I was sanding away my sins from the messed up job I did in the box keel the other day.
I know it doesn't look it in this shot but there were plenty of lumps & bumps & bubbles that needed to get sanded out. I also ran into the epoxy kicking in the bucket thing (again) and had to take up about 10' of tape. That all needed to get sanded.
So as you can see, I don't fit in the box keel very well. This is where I need a few munchkins to come and help me along. I figure someone 3' tall would be perfect for the job!
Lori says she captured my best side with this shot! ;-)
A close up of the action. I'm using the 5" RO air sander. Eventually the box keel gets too narrow for that sander. I have to figure out another way of getting down there. Likely a sanding block glued to a big stick or something.
The messy boat work bench.
Captured perfectly, one of those WTF have I gotten myself into moments!

More sanding in my future. Standby...

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