Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dusty Fella

Just call me the 'Dusty Fella'! ;-)

So yesterday I got the port side taped & peel plied. All went well.
Keel to bottom panel joins taped, epoxied & peel plied!
Apologize for the blue tinted pics. Used my cell phone again.

In an effort to speed things up a bit I bought a 7" backing pad thingy & some 80 grit discs for my 4" angle grinder. Hoping this would make short work of the taped edges & scuffing up the tape for the next layer of fabric. It worked wonders!
There's a new Sanding Attachment in town!
It's hard to give up on the air sander but it's just too slow for this particular application. No one will ever see these taped joints once the fabric is laid over top so cosmetics aren't an issue. I have to work past that. The 4" grinder is another 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'! ;-) It's a little unwieldy one handed and even worse left handed. Having carpal tunnel in both hands doesn't help either but I'll just pace myself and get as much done as I can at a time.
Making plenty of dust today. I'll itch for a week!
So in what would have taken me an hour & half with the RO air sander I got done in about 30 mins with the Grinder WMD. It's crude, but effective. You can notice the fan in the box keel in the foreground. I keep that blowing from behind all the time I'm sanding. It does a pretty good job of keeping the dust off of me, out of my eyes and out of the way.

I'm thinking at this point I might actually get some of the framing in the boat this year. I'd be nice to get the main bulkhead set in place at least. :-)

Inventoried epoxy supplies and I have 22 gallons on hand. That should be enough to get the inside glassed but I think I'll order another 6 or so to have just in case. When it's time to glass the inside I'll be looking for some volunteers to mix epoxy & run a squeegee so if you're interested let me know. The more the merrier!

Hands are cramped up something fierce so taking a week break. Tomorrow is dentist appointment & taking a buddy's cat to the vet so not likely any updates.