Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Playtime is over

Back to work! Took the weekend off mostly to just hang out with the Ole' Girl and go see a Rush concert! :-)  Stayed overnight in Montreal and was totally skroodled on Monday. Guess I can't Rock & Roll all night like I used to! *sigh*
Plenty of dust was made this day!

All vacuumed up ready to get messed up again!
Anywho, spent yesterday sanding the perimeter and box keel. That's pretty much done 'cept for a few tight spots. Needed something to get down into the back of the keel. Using my nugget for something other than a hat rack I decided to try to make my own long pole sander thingy.

Hacked up some of my Dura Block sanders, you've heard me mention those last year. Stuck it to the end of the dowel that holds the billiard ball constant radius fillet tool! :-)
Cut down to size Dura Block

Crazy Glued in the dowel
The billiard ball fillet tool on the other end
As you can see in this next pic the tool allows me to stand in the box keel and sand the extremities of the box keel without having to resort to standing on my head to do it.
Reaching way down into the box keel
80 grit paper works pretty good. I'd like to have 60 for this particular application but don't have any on hand. Just a few minor spots to hit with the hand sander and it'll be time to clean it all up for the big fabrics!
The business end
Thanks for looking in.


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