Thursday, June 25, 2015

Looky what I found

I had to dig into the garden shed to take stock of my fiberglass supplies. IIRC I should have 'nuff to do the keel, bottom & sides. After hauling a bunch o' crap out of the way I was able to locate the fiberglass!
33 oz Triax 38" wide
Assorted glass fabrics
So I'm basically short on 12 oz 0/90 for the keel, bottom & sides. Gotta look online and see how much that's going to set me back.

Well looky there! While digging around in the shed I found a diesel engine! Almost forgot it was there! :-)  Spun it over a few times with the ratchet. All's well. It'll come out of the shed next spring to be serviced before putting it in the boat.
Well looky there! Yanmar 4JH-TE 55 HP Turbo
This morning I finished up the sanding in the box keel. Thank the Sanding Gawdz! What an awful job. Peel ply next time!
Last of the sanding in the box keel
Whippy sandy thingy on die grinder
Once the sanding was done and cleaned up I hauled the big roll of 33 oz fiberglass up to the boat. Oh my aching back!
Laying out the fabric for the box keel
38" wide is pretty close to perfect for this application. At the deepest part it goes from one radius fillet to over the bottom panel about 6". I'll use two pieces of fabric to cover the sides of the box keel and the bottom will get a double layer.
33 oz fabric getting trimmed & darts to conform to box keel
This heavy fabric doesn't form well to the curve of the keel. If you tug too hard you'll stretch the shit out of it. You can see the darts I had to put in to get it to follow the gentle curve of the keel. It's really hard stuff to work with but well worth the extra effort I think.

Think that's it for today. Gotta go shopping for fiberglass.


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