Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2 Day Update

Been running a friends cat to the vet in O'burg for surgery & follow up. Two more trips, Saturday and Thursday. Hopefully that'll be it. Today our Ginger Moggy goes to the vet for a checkup! *sigh* Anywho, between all that I managed to get some work done on the forward end of the box keel.
Glass laid out ready for goop!
The forward end is a b*tch to work in especially with epoxy all over the place. If I'm not sliding around I'm rolling in the stuff! *sigh* Anywho, soldiered on and got it done.
Not pretty but it'll have to do.
Peel ply is a real b*tch to get on small sections. It doesn't flex or fit the curves very well. I guess to get that feature you have to buy the real expensive stuff. Above my pay grade for sure. Oh well, RO sander will fix whatever bubbles I get.

Yesterday before the run to the vet I got the starboard side done.
Starboard side glass laid out ready for goop!
Not much different to report other than this side was done as one piece. The port side was 3 pieces with significant overlaps.
Gooped & Plied.
One small bubble had to be ground out and patched. Other than that I'm happy with it. That's the first layer, of three, finished. The other layers will be easier as they're much lighter fabrics that wet out and conform to the curves a lot better.

Tomorrow I'll start sanding again. *Groan* Just to clean up the messy work on the box keel. I'll start on the port side getting it ready for bottom glass. That'll be a chunk of work. Almost 32' of 33 oz triaxial fabric. IIRC it took me almost 11 hours to do the bottom side and that was with someone mixing epoxy for me. *Sigh*. Don't know what I'll do on the other side. I'm 15' short of fabric and the supplier doesn't have any more. I might have 'nuff 'off cuts' to do the rest. Dunno.

That's it. Shower time then off to the Kitty Spa.