Friday, July 17, 2015

Moving right along

So I've got a full week of uninterrupted (I hope) boat building ahead. Should be able to make some decent progress.

In prep for the bottom glassing I had to remove a lot of stuff from the boat. Amazing how quickly it accumulates 'Stuff'. :-) Took off the horizontal and vertical sections of the rolling frame that aren't needed anymore.
It'll be nice to 'Not' smash my head into the 2x6's that crossed the boat. ;-) Took me about an hour to remove all the bolts & screws that held it together. The boat is now resting comfortably on the portion of the rolling frame that's left.

Here's a 'birds eye view' of what's in there now. The port side will get glassed first. I have the fabric all pre-cut and ready to go in.

A days worth of sanding first to clean up all the fabric edges & shiny spots. I have to go back and find when we did the outside bottom panel. IIRC it took me 11 hrs or so with a helper mixing epoxy & 3 1/2 gallons of epoxy. I should be able to get similar results this time I hope.

Bought some cheap peel ply. Airtech Econoply J. It's the cheapest they offer. It's extremely light material and tears easily. I've used two other types Airtech sells and they work great. This stuff I'm not too sure about. We'll see how it does on the bottom panels.

That's it. Gotta go wash the car for cruise night.


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