Saturday, July 11, 2015

Slow & Steady

Decided I needed to make the days projects a lil' bit smaller so I can handle them easier. Big sheets o' glass take big effort. These fabrics are heavy and stiff and take a lot of muscle to wrangle into position & wet them out.

But before I get to that here's what I did yesterday. All the bubbles were ground out and patches laid in them.
Patches laid out
Those got epoxied into place and sanded out once the epoxy cured.
Patched & Sanded
I started smaller pieces on the back end of the box keel. You can see the two sides here.
Glass laid in, epoxied & peel plied
 This morning I removed the peel ply and had great results so I carried on to do the back end of the keel and another 4' section along the starboard side.
Box keel getting fiberglassed
High temp today is forecast at 33C and it's already that in the boat shed by 11:00 hrs so I called it a day. Supposed to be a wee bit milder tomorrow and I hope to get three 4' sections done.

Slow & Steady.


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