Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Supplies have arrived

Made a run to the UPS store on Friday and picked up the fiberglass I ordered.
Unwrapping the glass so I can get this party started!
Had it unwrapped and in the boat within minutes! :-)
Not exactly light at 56 lbs per role. I have two roles.
One roll of this glass should do the bottom and the other the sides. This will get covered with another layer of 12 oz 0/90 fabric. Still debating if I need a finishing layer of 9 oz plain weave or not. I have plenty of extra glass in pieces I can use inbetween the frames later if I like.
Looking aft, 20' long & 50" wide
Looking forward
There will be three sections with generous overlaps. I tried to do it in one piece but can't handle the big fabrics inside the boat especially in the bow where everything wants to end up in the bilge, including me. The bow thruster tube was problematic so I split the fabric at that point. Extremely warm now with the humidex so I'll have to wait a bit till the temperatures moderate before epoxying this panel.

Peel Ply Rig
I build myself a little rig to spool out the peel ply so I can cut it to length. It's a real PITA to cut with scissors. Razor blades are much more efficient. I'll be working in smaller sections like I did with the box keel port side so I cut the peel ply to about 28" wide (as far as I can reach).

Power Fist 80 Amp DC stick Welder
These portable units came on sale at Princess Auto for $150. I've had MIG welder before and that was Ok for most stuff. I bought a pkg of aluminum electrodes to tinker with. I'd love to be able to afford a 'Real' welder some day but until then I can practice with this one.

Had to call it quits early this morning. By 10:00 it was over 90 F in the shed and that doesn't count the humidity. Humidex says it'll feel like 99F this afternoon! :-(


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