Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mini WMD

Just like his big brother on the 4" grinder this 2" Mini WMD is a wonder! It chews up bad fiberglassing like there's no tomorrow!  :-)
Mini WMD! Wow!
Spent about 2-1/2 hrs grinding out all the bubbles that needed to be fixed. Twelve in all. There are some really small ones that I will just leave alone unless anyone thinks they're an issue. Most are the size of a fly or smaller.
All my sins sanded away!
Patches laid out ready for epoxy. These will get sanded flush once cured (Friday).
Patches laid out
And all soaked in goop! I had to use some peel ply on the bottom/keel side joints to get the glass to lay down properly. The others I skipped the peel ply. They'll get sanded flush later.
Patched & Curing
Thinking about it now I believe I had so many problems with this particular lamination because I was trying to make the fiberglass, 1808, do too much at once. It had to form over the bottom/keel bend then back around the keel/bottom of keel bend then back up the other side. That's three 90 deg bends in a very stiff fabric. You can see it in the second picture from the top.

I'm going to split up the other side into 48" sections with only one bend. The bottom of the keel will be done with a separate piece that will cover the bottom and go up both sides of the keel. Smaller sections are more manageable for me but means more overlaps. I can live with that. It won't affect the structure at all. The 12 oz layer that goes over top of this can go on in one piece. It conforms to curves much better than the 18 oz fabric.

Found the tiny 'Dixie Cups' at Canadian Tire. They're for jello shots I think! ;-)  Work great for mixing up 2 oz batches of epoxy though! Also got some fatigue foam mats. You can see them in the first picture. These will come in handy and are much easier on my poor ole' ass!

Have to take Dan's cat back to vet tomorrow so the boat won't get any attention till Friday.

Thanks for looking in.