Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Stringer are longitudinal structural members that will significantly strengthen the boat. The stringers in the TW28 are made up of 4 layers of 1/2" marine plywood glued together. In all they're about 20 some feet long. In our boat with the modifications they'll be almost 23 feet long.

When we bought the kit we knew it was likely one of the first ever cut on a CnC machine and as such would have some errors. All the pieces for the stringers were cut at the exact same length with no overlaps to splice them all together into one piece so we ended up with 4 per stringer.
First job was to dress the stringers up a bit, get rid of the nubbies & slivers. This was done with the 7" High Speed Spinning Wheel of Death.
The big grinder makes short work of it! :-)  The downside is there's always the chance you might kill yourself or someone nearby! *Zoinks!*

I figured the quickest way to fit all these parts together would be with a splice. To do that I have to remove about 10" of 1/2" plywood from each end and each side of each adjoining stringer part.
To do that in the quickest way possible I decided to use the router. I did consider other methods, sawing some kerfs & chiseling them out etc. but the router seemed the method with the least amount of effort.
I took some more video and will post that tomorrow. Had to call it quits due to rain.

Standby..... much more sawdust to come!