Monday, July 11, 2016

Fighting Dirty

I see some guy's boat workshops and they're clean as a surgical suite at the hospital. :-(  I definitely am not one of them!
Messy boat workin's!  :-(
My ole Grandpappy always used to say: "Never trust a tradesman with a clean workshop. He's not busy enough to be any good!" I don't think that applies to me though! I'm certainly no master of any trade.

Today seemed to be a fight from the get go! I flew the main bulkhead, E, into the boat last night and knew I was in for a small session of trim & fit but it took me over 2 hours to get the bulkhead to fit in the keel and over the stringers and along the sides/bottom.
Main bulkhead E forward looking aft
I must have lifted that thing in and out of it's spot 25 times and it's no lightweight. It's got 36 oz. fiberglass on both sides! I'd say 60 lbs or so. My poor aching ole' back! *Groan*
Looking forward.
Now I can fix it's position, check my measurements and get it glued into place. It'll be a bit of an obstruction but I don't see I have any other choice if I want to get the alignment correct on all the other bulkheads.

Off to Canadian Tire for more JigSaw blades! *sigh*