Friday, July 22, 2016

Temperature's Rising

10:00 hrs and it's over 100 F in the  boat shed! Had to scamper to get the port side engine bed covered.
Engine beds covered in 22 oz/sq yd basalt fabric
Constantly on the lookout for more basalt fabric. If you should happen to see a deal on it let me know please!  :-)  It is extremely nice to work with.

If you've done any fiberglass work you'll likely recognize this!
Epoxy & Fiberglass Art. One of a kind!
That's what happens when your brain is two steps ahead of where you think you are but you actually aren't! *sigh* So, it's for sale! Unique one of a kind art piece! I'm guessin' some millennial will need it to accent their Pokemon collection!

It was 34C in the shed when I bailed at 11:15.  Time for a ride in the ole' jalopy!


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