Thursday, July 21, 2016

Main Bulkhead Glued & Taped

Yesterday I filleted and taped the fwd section of the main bulkhead and this morning the aft section.
Engine compartment side (aft) of main bulkhead
She's now permanent affixed and never ever coming out!  :-)  Two layers of 6 oz biax tape staggered about 3" offset. I'll go back later with one more layer of 12 oz biax tape on all the joins.

Sanded and cleaned up the engine beds for a layer of 22 oz sq/yd basalt fabric. You may remember I've used this before on the transom and keel.
Basalt fabric on stbd engine bed
This should make the engine beds the strongest part of the boat. The basalt fabric is absolutely wonderful to work with. It wets out quickyl and easily and forms well to odd shapes. I wish I had enough money to do the whole boat in this stuff! I think I bought about 5 yrds of it a long time ago to try out. When I went back to get more it was all gone. I've got enough left to do the rudder post block.

Another view of stbd engien bed
I'll finish the other side tomorrow.

Four hours in the shed today before it got too warm to work.


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