Thursday, July 28, 2016

Still at it

Slowed down a bit due to the heat but still at it, sorta. This morning I drilled the first hole in the 1/4" stainless channel that'll make up the skeg. Never had much luck before drilling stainless let alone this size but figured it out.

Next was a lil' 'under da boat' yoga! Oh that hurts, in more ways than one! The ground's covered in fiberglass dust. *Itch*
Under the starboard side
The cradle is the main support for the boat. You can see below where the box keel is sitting directly on the 2x6 cross beam.
Box keel sitting on cross beam
I have to remove part of the cradle that the boat is sitting in to fit the skeg. Here's a shot of the section that has to have some material removed to fit the skeg into place.
Close up of section
I have to take a section about 5" x 3" out. Using my oscillating cutter it'll be easy enough. Just couldn't get past rolling around in the fiberglass dust so it was off to a couple of my favorite stores for some moving blankets & stuff.
Ahhhhhh one of my most favorite stores!
The moving blankets are cheap enough at $10 each. Much better than laying on the cold ground covered in itching powder. Next I skipped over to the Chandlery store for some bilge paint and the 200l (52 Gal) collapsible water tank that'll go in the box keel under the engine.
The 'Spendy' Store!
Tomorrow I'll get that part of the cradle cut out and start to fit up the skeg.


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