Saturday, July 2, 2016

Not my best day

On a bright note I've picked up a couple of industrial ceiling fans for the shed! Now I need a 12' step ladder to hook them to the ridge!
Pair of these for $50!  :-)
 I took my first shot at gluing in the engine bed on the starboard side.
Stbd engine bed glued in.
Not my best work. Very messy. I used a notched trowel to spread out the glue. Same thing they do with tiles. Did the best I could and clamped and temporarily screwed it to the stringer. With a few layers of glass & carbon fiber on it, it's not going anywhere.

Have you ever had one of those days when you pick up a tool off the bench and knock two more off on the floor? Somedays I think it'd be easier just to throw everything on the floor and work from there!
What a 'working' mess!
Had to take some time to clean that mess up before I ended up breaking my neck or an ankle or something like that. Terrible work ethic!

Will get the other side glued in tomorrow.


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