Thursday, June 30, 2016

TENS = Stimulating

A few years ago I took a tumble down the stairs and tore up my right knee and pulled something in my back. Lost about a year of boat building due to that lil' screw up. The knee still isn't right and neither is the back. Brought it to the attention of the Ole' Sawbones but he thinks it's all in my head! Did physio a few times but didn't seem to help.

Anywho, got a TENS device off of fleaBay for $30 USD. What an amazing lil' unit! I had it on my back this morning for 3 x 15 min cycles and *Poof* no more pain! I was able to jump around the boat this morning like a monkey in a banana tree!

Still working on the engine beds. Roughed them in this morning.
Roughed in engine beds
Both beds will sit dead nuts level in the boat and so will the engine. If the geometry works out I'll have the proper angles for my Python Drive.  :-)
1/10th. of 1 degree, close 'nuff for Gubment work!  ;-)
Rounded off the edges that'll need tape/glass etc. The wedges on the bottom are to fill the large gap that's left by the beds. This will all get bedded in tomorrow.
Sanded & ready to be bedded down!
That's 'bout it for today. Gotta get cleaned up and go pick up my Jeep that's been in the shop for 3 days getting a new clutch. (read 'Expensive' repair). *sigh*


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