Saturday, June 25, 2016

Little fabrication

Pretty warm in the boat shed today, thermometer was approaching 40 C which is waaaay to warm for this fat ole' bastard! I was drenched inside of 5 mins!

Managed to fabricate a new bulkhead or whatever you want to call it to support the prop shaft tube. I planned in some adjustment will fitting it up so I can fine tune the prop shaft angle. I won't really know where it will end up till the engine comes back and I can sit it in the boat. Lots to do before that happens though.
Prop shaft adjustment in bulkhead
Once the shaft angle is determined I'll glue & tape it in place. Got to use my 'yard sale' oscillating sander today! :-)  Works nice. I can see this tool getting a lot of use on this project.
Oscillating sander in action
Got the bulkhead mocked up and aligned etc.
Mocked up and level

That exercise did illustrate the difference in height between the two stringers, about 3/8" difference. I suppose that's from bedding one stringer a bit higher than the other. Dunno. Don't think it'll affect anything.

Last step was glassing one side.
Glassed & Peel Ply'd
Other side tomorrow then I'll glue it into place with some poo and tape.

Did a lot of navel gazing today just trying to visualize how it's all gonna fit in there. Gotta make sure I get this right. I only get one shot at cutting the prop shaft tube and definitely don't wanna mess that up!


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