Thursday, June 16, 2016

I screwed up

Screwed up twice, at the same time.

Bought new engine mounts years ago off of eBay. Price was right. My understanding of what they were and how much weight they'd support wasn't.

So the first screw up was on the physical size (footprint) of the Vetus Type 40 engine mounts.
The original Yanmar mounts would have fit within the 21" gap I have between the stringers. These Vetus mounts won't! The engine would have to sit up on top of the stringers.
Where the would have to sit
So the second screw up is with the capacity for the Type 40 mounts. They'll carry up to 40 Kg or about 88 lbs. The 4JH-TE with transmission weights about 232 Kg or about 511 lbs (dry, no fluids). There's no way 4 x 40 kg can carry the load. Soooooooo list the Vetus mounts on eBay and buy new ones! *sigh*

eBay item # 131849914814