Monday, June 13, 2016

Easing myself into this

I gotta ease myself into this boatbuilding stuff. Wouldn't want to pull a beer  muscle this early in the game! :-)

Laminated up some ply to fill in the stringers.
Epoxy glue to laminate stringers
Decided to make full size engine beds from some 8/4 white oak. This will help replace some of the strength lost by having one less ply layer in the stringer.
Test fitting 8/4 white oak for engine beds
Since I'll be using the Python Drive I don't have any critical alignment issues with the engine/drive train. The engine beds will be set at a 2deg down angle. Taking away the 8deg angle the prop shaft is at will leave 6 degs to be made up by the CV joints in the Python Drive system.

I think I'm stewing too much over the details at this point. There have been quite a few deliberations over the various components and how they'll fit in the boat. I mean, I know what they will look and work like, it's just I've never done anything like this before.
My office view this morning! :-)
If it comes together the way I have it laid out now the prop shaft will be substantially shorter than original spec. Which is a good thing unless you've already bought the ultra longy one spec'd in the plans! *sigh*

Anywho, more tomorrow.


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