Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ACME Holes

Well not quite. ACME holes would have been much easier methinks!

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So what's this got to do with boatbuilding?  Well there's an old saying that 'you know you're making progress when you start drilling holes in your hull'. Or something like that.

Hole drilled for the propeller shaft tube.
Hole for prop shaft tube
Next came the hole for the rudder shaft tube.
Hole for rudder shaft tube
Not much fun drilling out the prop shaft hole. I was rolling around in the dirt the cats have used for a friggin' litter box! *sigh* One of the difficulties in building on dirt instead of a nice, clean, level, smooth concrete floor. *sigh*

Cutout from the back of the keel shows about 1/4" fiberglass & carbon fiber. :-)
Cutout from prop shaft tube hole
I split the other side of the cutout off when I cut it in half on the miter saw. It has about the same amount of fiberglass. Should be strong 'nuff! All the thrust from the prop is transferred to the thrust bearing and not this part of the hull.

Also have the prop shaft half frame (or whatever it's called) cut & trimmed to install. This will hold up the other end of the prop shaft tube. I'll get that all figured out tomorrow.


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