Friday, June 24, 2016

Life's little difficulties

Sometimes life just has it's moments that seem to get in the way of a boat building session. Yesterday I was off and running for the UPS store to pick up my new motor mounts. Almost about to cross the border when the oil pressure in the ole' IROC goes to Zero!!!! Haul it over and call the tow truck! Fack!
Smiling Bill the Tow Truck Guy! Caught a big one!
So that little misadventure threw me off track for about 2 days. Luckily it was only the oil pressure sender that was pooched. Total repair & tow, $250. *Sigh*

Picked up the new engine mounts today. They're a wee bit narrower than the Vetus mounts I showed you earlier but not much. The engine mounts will still have to sit on top of the stringers.
New engine mounts, still a wee bit wide but I can work with these.
So this is essentially how the engine will sit once the beds are in place.
Engine mockup with new mounts.
And the shaft tube is getting lined up and measured to be cut to the proper length.
Shaft tube needs to be trimmed back quite a bit.
I've got the measurements all laid out on the bottom of the boat for the various components. Still not able to visualize it yet but it'll come eventually. The Python Drive has some specific requirements for mounting and I have to be careful I respect those requirements. I'll fab up the support frame for the Python Drive tomorrow and set the shaft log angle, 6 degs and glue/tape them in place. I can then trim up the shaft log.
Shaft log looking aft.
Having never done this type of thing before I do a lot of 'navel gazing' and thinking and measuring before I cut anything. I only get one shot at this!!!

That's about it. Not exciting but it is what it is. Thanks for looking in.


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