Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bedding, fillets & tape

Sorry it's been a few days with no words. Things just sorta got in the way I guess. Jeep needs a new clutch and when I was at the garage to arrange that the old Camaro wouldn't start! I guess if you're going to break down the garage is the best place. $168 for a new battery! *sigh*

Anywho, the engine was delivered to the marina for servicing. That's an infill job for them so I suspect it'll be at least a week before they call to go pick it up.

Picked up a new (to me) camera to use in the boat shed. $50 off Facebook. It's way too nice to expose to that environment I think.
Facebook Cheapo Camera
Part of me wants to keep it and part of me says just friggin' use it in the shed. I'll give it a shot tomorrow.

Today was bed stringers, fillet & tape. Got most of them done. First time I've mixed up a batch of poo in quite a while. Got it going good just the right consistency. It pipes out of the plastic zip lock bag just like peanut butter!
Filler flows like peanut butter!
I like the feel of the plastic putty knife as a fillet tool. Cheap and easy to make. Only problem is they don't last very long.
Plastic fillet tool
But they do make nice radius fillets!
Working along the stringers
Probably did 30' of fillet & tape today. Nice and easy. No stress, it was a comfortable 21 degs C in the shed today. Nice break from the heat and humidity of the last few days.
Nice fillets if I do say so myself!
After the fillets were done I laid on a layer of tape. Tomorrow I'll go back and bed in the section where the engine beds go and the forward section of the stringers.

Even the Project Manager stopped by to have a look see and bark a few orders! I was on my toes and not slackin' either! :-)
Uh oh! The boss is here!
That's about it for today. Standby.....

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