Tuesday, July 12, 2016

There will be blood

Back in the shed again this morning before the heat starts to rise. I wanted to get the main bulkhead located and marked so I can tab it in place tomorrow.
Lining up the main bulkhead.
I hot glued some small pieces of 1/2" ply to the sides of the hull on my original marks for this station. I was able to use a small clamp to steady and hold the bulkhead in position. You can also see some of the lead bars I have for ballast holding the bulkhead along the bottom.
Aft looking forward. Still some fisheye distortion from GoPro camera.
After yesterday's session of trimming & fitting I think I got it pretty close.
Keel section of bulkhead E fitting pretty well.
I had to trim about a quarter inch off of each side of the keel portion of the bulkhead likely due to the amount of fiberglass that's there.

Had to try to straighten up some of the tools swimming around in the bottom of the boat. It was really starting to become quite a hazard.
Sanders, Grinders, Saws. You name it I got it!
Not being diligent enough to sand all the edges of pre-glassed panels so that there's no 'Fiber Fangs' I ended up with a small abrasion!
More like a paper cut but hurts like hell!
The new GoPro mount attached to some fugly mutt!  ;-)
Oh My Eyes! Ahhhhh!
And now for the main event. You've been waiting awhile now for this. Season 6 premiere Youtube Video from the Big Blue Boat Building Shed!

Thanks for looking in.


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