Saturday, July 30, 2016

My Huggy Blanky

So rolling around in the fiberglass dust ain't much fun. The two packing/moving blankets I got the other day work wonders!
Packing/Moving blankets work wonders
Don't have to strap on my knee pads either to crawl around under there. It is a bit of a workout for a guy my size. Who needs Yoga anyways?  :-)

Beside some bilge paint I picked up the collapsible bladder tank at the Chandlery store. I'm thinking this is gonna work well. It certainly fills up the void space in the box keel.
200 L (52 USG) collapsible tank.
That'll put an extra 200 Kg (440 lbs) right under the engine. I'll have a stainless tray fabbed up to go under the engine that'll help shield the tank from heat. I think I'll rig it like the ballast tanks in the wake board boats so that I can fill it from the main tanks and pump it dry back into the tanks. Its primary purpose is ballast but it'll give us a total of 600 L (156 USG) of fresh water capacity.

So I managed to get the section of the cradle cut away so that I could shove the skeg in there.
Skeg just sitting in place
It's going to take some careful alignment and drilling of holes to get it set up correctly. I'll also have to build a 'wedge' to fill in the gap between the skeg and the box keel.
Pretty close for a first rough layup
I'll have to remove the cross braces and work on the alignment but I think I'm going to be pretty darn close!
Going to be pretty close!  :-)
That's all I could take today. It's warm under there with no air moving around. It'll also take time to work up the nerve to drill a guide hole in the very bottom of the box keel!


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