Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Thar She Blows

Thanks to Kijiji and the help of a few friends I managed to get a ladder tall enough (12 footer) to install the ceiling fans!
Fans installed
$50 for the fans. $20 for the extension cords. $50 for the ladder!  :-)  These two fans move a lot of air and I can feel it rushing out the doors. I hope that helps moderate things a bit in the shed.

So yesterday morning I glued in the last pieces to the stringers. Sloppy work but it was hot and the goop was going off in the plastic bag so I had to work fast.
Last pieces of the stringers.
They were glued & screwed & clamped as before.

I apologize for the crappy cell phone pic. Didn't have my camera handy.
Fwd section of stringers bedded.
I mixed up a large batch (too large) of goop to bed down the forward stringer sections. Again had to work fast as the glue was going off in the bag. The bag eventually split open and I had to scramble to get it into some place where it would be of some use. You'll notice it's a lighter shade than the glue I've made before. I added some glass beads to lighten the mix and stretch out what wood flour I have left. Boat building material funds are low this month due to the Jeep repair. :-(

A proper 'All American' boat builders lunch for the 4th. of July! Cheers my American friends.
Hot Dog & Mac & Cheese. Doesn't get more American than that eh?

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