Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ahhhhhhhh That's Better

Finally some reprieve from the heat! A very nice, but lil' muggy, 19 degs in the shed today!

Dealt with fitment issues on Frame C.
Frame C fitted & ready for glue & tape
Starboard side still needs a wee adjustment but I'll deal with that once the glue & tape has set up.
Glued & taped
Notice the 'Remember The Baseline' written on the hull! :-)  Oh my what a brainfart that was! IIRC I was just explaining that concept on one of the forums not that long ago! Doh! Had to have been the heat!

Tomorrow I'll fillet & tape the other side of Frame C. Lots of sanding to come & finish taping fillets up and down the stringers.

The Admiral came out to the boat today to survey the workings. We're planning a sliding work table for her sewing machine. Pretty much got it figured out. It'll be a nice feature.


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