Sunday, August 28, 2016

Drilling & Filling

Finished up drilling & chipping out the final two holes in the bottom of the keel. Once this was done I waxed up the bolts that'll be used to secure the skeg and taped them 'Up' through the holes I drilled earlier. This will make it easier to line everything up later.
Mold release wax on the bolt shanks
Taped in place from the bottom up!
Next mixed up a runny batch of epoxy & chopped strands. These small strands of fiberglass are only 1/4" long or so. Just poured them into the holes. Quick & easy. These will set to be rock hard and able to take all the torque I can put on them when the skeg is insalled.
Back filled with epoxy & chopped strand fiberglass
Just dry fit a piece of the 'Duragrid' I bought to go on the bottom of the box keel. The flexible water tank will sit on this. Hopefully there'll be enough air circulation to prevent any mould from growing down there.
Duragrid dry fit
Going back out to the shed this afternoon to start the drip tray that'll go under the engine.


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