Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Progress is Progress

What's that old saying? "You can't rush perfection!"  :-)

Was just reflecting on where I was this time last year.
Middle of Aug 2015 still prepping for glass on sides & bottom panels
It was a marathon run for me this time last year. There were two complete layers of glass to go on the entire inside of the boat. I was covering about a quarter of it a day in a layer of glass.
Huge panel ready for epoxy, approx. 12-14 sq yds.
Pushed my way through it and got it done. Wasn't easy for a fat ole' man working on his own in the oppressive heat! *sigh* Just don't have the 'Zippity Do Da' in my Do Da Day anymore! *lol*

So here we are a year later. I've got three bulkheads, well almost all of three, glued and taped into the hull.
Frame C prepping for install.
I sometimes suffer from brainfarts and forget what it is I'm doing. This happened on Frame C. I forgot all about the 'Baseline' which governs all alignments of the bulkheads within the hull.
I won't forget that concept anytime soon!
I get asked, a lot, when the boat will be done. That's a good question. A rough guestimate will be three summers from now. It likely won't be totally finished, which I'm really bad at finishing things, but it will likely be functional. This is a really big project for one guy which my buddy Matt in Australia can attest. He's doing a total rebuild/redesign on a boat as well. I will eventually get it done though.

All in good time.

Thanks for checking out our blog. Come back anytime and feel free to ask questions.


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