Thursday, August 11, 2016

At Your Own Peril

When you deviate from the plans, plans carefully considered and drawn by a qualified designer, you do so at your own peril. That's what I've done and this is one of the small issues.

Frame C forms the bulkhead between the sleeping part of the cabin and the washroom. It's a bit of a monster to wrestle in and get fitted.
Frame C sitting in place
I knew there would be some fitment issues as this part of the hull flared out a bit more than expected when the panels were laid up on the strongback. This was a natural occurance due to the stretch in the hull and letting the natural curve of the panel define the hull shape.

So starting down in the keel the small section of the bulkhead is about an inch too high. Not a big deal.
Lower section of Frame C
I fixed that this morning and it now fits well. The upper section will require a lot of trimming to get it to line up with the baseline. Where it was when I started.

About an inch too high
Using a sharpie on a block of wood I scribed about an inch of material to be removed.
Excess material to be removed.
First fit after trimming and it's pretty close.
Damn near right on!
I'll have to trim some more so there's a gap all around the hull. This will get bedded in the same way we did the others. This bulkhead is a bit of a bear to get and keep lined up. It's wobbly and lopsided. More than once it fell on my head!

It's over 90 degs in the shed now I'm calling it quits for the day.

Good news! My son and his wife are having a 'Baby Boy'! :-) My first Grandchild!  Connor Daniel Laporte. ETA end of September 2016!!!  The LEGEND CONTINUES! :-)