Sunday, August 7, 2016

Little break in the weather

It cooled off a lil' bit today so I got back into the shed to see if I could find my bearings. Started off drilling (or should I say trying to drill) a hole in the skeg.
3/16" plate plus 1/4" channel
I thought I had the correct drill bits, Titanium, but apparently not. As I've since found out Cobalt bits are better. The trick, as I think it's supposed to be, is to go slow and plenty of cooling fluid. I did try my benchtop drill press but that's way too fast and I chowdered up a few bits.
Details on the 1/4" channel for the skeg
Ordered a couple of 3/8" Cobalt bits to finish the skeg & backing plate. They won't be here till next week. I've tried to find some, for a reasonable price, around here but all they seem to have is Titanium. I guess it's the 'metal of the month'.
Magnesium anode attached to skeg
I actually got to assemble something! Wohoo! Well temporarily until the skeg is fitted onto the boat. Small wonders!

After some more head scratching and navel gazing I got to work making fillets & taping in frame B.
Frame B filleted & taped
My buddy Jimmy dropped over to work on the throttle cable for his sailboat. He was making up a push/pull cable and didn't know how to finish the end that'll move the throttle lever on the engine. I showed him how to do a 'Z' bend and then a light bulb came on. My neighbor gave me an old hand cart that had hand brakes. It had two bicycle type cable thingies that hold onto the cable with a screw. Perfect!!! Backyard Eyeball Engineering at it's best!

Anywho, it got pretty warm in the shed and I scrambled to get the taping done. Pain in the arse all skrunched up like a pretzel in the bow. I may have to find myself a 'little person' to help in those tighter spots. I don't bend very well anymore! *sigh*


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