Thursday, September 15, 2016

Continuing Saga

The next chapter of the Python Drive saga involves fitting the thrust bearing to the backing plate and mounting that to the bulkhead.

First crack at it! Ooops!
Just a slight miscalcuation
Just a little too tight. I'll blame it on converting from metric to standard!
Couple minutes with grinder and it slips right into place
The bulkhead is incredibly strong. I think you could probably pick the boat up in the air by it alone! Still some filleting & taping to do on it.

So after a lot of dickering around, up and down in and out of the boat I managed to get it aligned up (sorta) roughly. I can't install the prop shaft tube till the rudder & skeg get back from the machine shop.
Fitted and aligned (roughly)
The thrust bearing will eventually have to come back out of the boat for sanding & painting & installing the shaft tube. Mocking it up this way just confirms for me that I'm moving in the right direction.

Off to source stainless steel bolts & nuts.


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