Friday, September 9, 2016

Drip Tray, Frames & Limber Holes

Trimmed up the drip tray and screwed it into position. Slapped a coat of bilge paint on her and called her 'Sally'! Done. What next?

Started to lay out the frames that'll go in the engine space. E2 and F for starts. I'll have to build small 'shelves' for the tanks to sit on so I have to get my dimensions down now.
Frame E2 (fwd) and F (aft).
Nothing spectacular I know but it's progress all the same. I'll likely do the port side first then switch the ladders around and do the stbd side.

I poured some water on the bottom of the boat to see where it'd sit. Lowest point identified I drilled two limber holes. These will allow any water that gets into the engine compartment above the stringers to drain to the bilge sump.
Limber holes drilled for drainage.
Tomorrow I'll be gluing and taping E2 & F into position then relocating the baseline and set the floor height with the rest of the frames.


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