Sunday, September 18, 2016

More Little Nibbles

The plan for today was to plug the big hole in the support for the prop shaft. Just traced out the hole and cut the part with the jig saw. Slipped right in as if it was meant to be there! ;-)
Prop shaft hole plugged & glassed
There's at least 3 layers of heavy tape on that patch. I don't expect it'll be a problem. It only supports the shaft tube.

While that job sets up I turned to the forward cabin again. There's two small bulkheads that go in the forward section in the box keel. They help support the sole. First one, farthest back, is for the dry locker section. This is an extra piece I made up. The second one, nearest, is part of Frame D.
Small bulkheads fitted

I hauled all of Frame D out of the stack today. one part missing. Not a big deal. Onto some sanding in prep for glue, fillets & tape.
Dusty Fella's
Damn! Should have made a Youtube movie! Shoot! Highly recommend the 2" roloc discs for getting in the tight spots! They don't last very long but they do a very nice job on the fillets etc.
All sanded & prepped for tomorrow
So tomorrow's plan is to install the two bulkheads. Finish taping the stringers. I have to finish the Frame D puzzle and get it ready to go in. Once that's done I can install the soles on both sides.


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