Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Slow Start

Lil' slow getting started this morning, I slept in! But, back on track. Basement bulkhead #2 needed some trimming & fitting.
Basement Bulkhead #2 filleted
Went a little better than yesterday. Still cramped but not as bad as yesterday. Don't much like working with my head below my ass! ;-)
Basement Bulkhead #2 filleted, taped & glued
The space between these two bulkheads will be the wet sump. The shower sump & dewatering bilge pump will go in there. Tight fit but it'll work I think. The space aft is dry storage and the space forward just general storage. I'll line the bottom of both storage spaces with the Duragrid I used under the engine.

Still have a little more taping to do in the forward section and still looking for the soles that were cut for these spaces. It will be nice to get them in and be able to walk on a level surface! :-)

Carry on with your regular activities....

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