Sunday, September 11, 2016


Sticktoitness  (Capeman 2016)

Capeman coined that phrase awhile back on the forums describing my persistence in working on this big project. Had to correct him though, the wife already describes that trait in me as 'Stubbornness'. Who am I to disagree with her eh?  :-)

Anywho, whether it's sticktoitness, stubbornness, persistence or whatever, I just have to keep nibbling away at this thing. Eventually, at the same pace your fingernails grow, I'll get it done one day.

Today's task was to dry fit and trip up the bulkhead that'll support the Python drive. You saw that yesterday. I measured 6 times and cut once! :-)  See? I learning!
Heavy fiberglass and peel ply
This small bulkhead will get an extra heavy dose of fiberglass on both sides. I think this is 24 oz/yd glass. Seen above it's been laminated and peel plied. It'll be ready to flip over and do the other side tomorrow.
Sanded ready for bulkhead installation
Sanded up the area between the two small bulkheads. This area will form the bilge sump and will have the dewatering pump and the crash pump (I think).

Going back in the shed this afternoon just to clean up a bit. The boat looks like it just got hit by a twister! (no joke, we had them rolling through the area last night).