Saturday, September 10, 2016

Massive WTF Moment

Stymied. That's how I felt this morning. Stymied. I sort of had it planned to glue & tape the two partial frames but then go to thinking ahead about the tanks that have to go between the frames. Downloaded, where I could find them, the drawings for the tanks.
Last time I actually saw these was 5 years ago!
We bought the fuel and water tanks 5 years ago on a mini-vacation to Rhode Island and Maryland. They immediately got stuffed in the loft of the garden shed and I haven't seen them since. Didn't really want to haul them out so trying to picture how they'll fit, based on the drawings, in my head hurts! *sigh*

Anywho, as things would have it my mind kept drifting off to other things. I know one of the priority items, stuff I HAVE TO get done before the engine gets here, is the bulkhead in the box keel that'll support the Python Drive. I tinkered with this a bit awhile back. Time to lay it all out again and fab up a bulkhead.
Blank bulkhead trial fitted
It's going to get pretty tight in there pretty quick. Not much I can do about it. Here's the extended shaft for the Python Drive.
Python Drive extended shaft
The geometry is pretty simple. The prop shaft is at 8 Degs from horizontal so the bulkhead supporting the thrust bearing will be 8 degs from vertical. That's easy enough. The extended shaft has two Constant Velocity (CV) joints. Manufacturer recommends a minimum 2-4 degs from axis for each joint to aid in lubrication so the extended shaft is angled 4 degs from horizontal. Quick & easy until you're standing on your head in the bilge trying to hold it all together and mark it out with only one hand!

The thrust bearing part of the Python Drive will actually be mounted to a 3/8" aluminum plate. That in turn gets bolted to the bulkhead. This provides some wiggle room for minor adjustments.
Thrust plate
That's about as far as I got before the clouds opened up. Back at it again tomorrow.

The Project Manager stopped by for lunch.
PM helping himself to some of my lunch
 Can't very well say 'No' to the boss now can I?  :-)

Carry on.....

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